Solar Energy Panel Installation Services in Springfield Illinois

While it may seem costly with the initial set-up, generating your own electricity via solar energy has numerous financial benefits. As owners of your own electric supply, enjoy your energy independence and dramatically lowered energy costs. Let the expert technicians at D&D Electric bring solar power to your home in Springfield, Illinois.

If you are looking to make the transition to solar power for your residential or farm property, we offer roof mounted panels and ground mounted panels for what best suits your needs. We have certified solar technicians that will assess your property and landscape and provide our best advice on your solar energy endeavors. We are a family owned and operated electric company with expertise in solar energy installations. Call us today for a free estimate, and see first-hand how we’ve satisfied customers all throughout our community since 1999. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured (License #EC92-035). All of our staff members receive OSHA training and our company is licensed by the EPA.

Call us today and we’ll provide any home or business with professional solar array installation.

Residential & Farm Solar Energy Springfield Illinois

Solar power is one of the most beneficial investments you can make. It provides a great opportunity for farms and homes to take control of their own energy efficiency. Whether you want to schedule a consultation on a residential solar power system or you want a solar power system installation for your farm, D&D Electric can help you get started on your quest to self-sustaining energy.

Our experts are trained in providing you with the extensive solar energy knowledge you need to make an informed decision. From selecting the size of your solar panels (and quantity), location of where they are going to be installed (roof-mounted or ground-mounted), and comprehensive energy and financial analysis are all steps we take with you to help ensure a professional solar installation.

There are numerous options to mount your solar power system unless your home is completely enclosed by tall trees and blocked off from the sun, we can make solar energy work for you.

solar energy panel installation services near springfield illinois

Solar Energy Panel Benefits

Among the numerous benefits of solar system installation, the most important is that solar energy is a renewable resource. All that is required is the sun and can be accessed in any part of the world – every day. There is no depleting of our solar energy. Other than it being a constant and reliable energy source, it helps you save money financially. Rather than paying “rent” (utility bills) to an energy company, provide your own energy and keep your money!

Our solar energy system installations are designed to withstand harsh climate, despite Mother Nature’s best efforts, and provide a long lifespan (30 years or more!) and additionally, require low maintenance. Wear and tear is extremely rare in the case of solar energy systems. In fact, the only part that is normally replaced is the inverter, and that is roughly every 5-10 years. This is because it is the hardest working piece in your system, constantly converting solar energy into electricity and heat.

While the initial costs transitioning to solar energy can seem pricey, it is a cost-effective purchase. At D&D Electric, we provide expert installation and maintenance of your solar systems to ensure peak performance and durability.

We encourage you to let us help you with your transition to a more cost-effective energy source – solar! Call us today for free consultations and estimates and let us help you with your solar energy experience.

Roof Mounted Panels

D&D Electric offers affordable and energy-efficient solar panel roof mounts. We carefully take in to account your structural and building code issues and provide ideal solar panel roof mount solutions catered towards your specific needs. Ideally, the most energy-efficient house is south facing, given the direction of sunlight, if your roof is facing east/west then your overall energy production will generally be 10 to 25% lower. The three most common roof types in Decatur, Illinois are shingle, metal (standing seam), and metal (corrugated) and we have experience installing solar panels on each.

When determining the best way to implement solar power into your energy production (roof or ground) there are some things to consider with each option. When dealing with roof-mounted panels, understand that even though the ideal location is the roof to ensure maximum solar energy consumption, it tends to be a not so ideal installation process. For starters, with the various roof types come the various methods of installations, which are fairly similar. However, another thing to consider is the age of your roof and how much longer its lifespan will be. Our solar energy systems are designed to last for 30 years and possibly longer.  Another consideration is your building’s fire codes or structural support.  If you have a wood-framed building, the additional weight of your solar array may necessitate additional reinforcement within your truss joints.

For more information regarding your roof-mounted solar panel inquiries, call us today!

roof-mounted solar energy panel installation springfield illinois
solar energy panels installed in the ground springfield illinois

Ground Mounted Panels

An alternative to roof mounted panels is ground mounted panels, which have become a more popular decision as of recent and an ideal option if you have ground area free from shade and don’t want the hassle of installing it on your roof. Your ground-mounted solar array is an economical installation and eliminates the extra cost of rooftop work. The open frame structure allows greater ventilation, resulting in better electrical efficiency.

When selecting a ground-mounted solar system, it is important to select the ideal system that best fits, and we have the experience to help you achieve just that. Our step-by-step process includes consultation with you on how many panels per column, the arrangement of panels in the rack (vertical or portrait) and what to construct your rack with (popular option is galvanized steel) and proper tilt angle to ensure maximum energy absorption. Ideally, ground mount arrays require some space. For instance, the standard 72 cell modules, each the row of panels is roughly 6-feet-6-inches and the entire system, side-by-side, can be as large as 66 feet!

If you are interested in ground-mounted panels, contact D&D Electric today to talk with an expert.