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Solar Panel Installation in Decatur Illinois and Central Illinois

Solar power is an effective means to help farmers and homes become more energy independent. Whether you want a consultation on a potential solar panel system or if you have made your decision and want to install one, D&D can help get you started with your energy needs.

We take you step by step through our process, from selecting your solar panel size, choosing the location of installation, providing a detailed energy and financial report, to finally delivering a professional solar installation to help you start saving money on energy bills.

solar panel roof mount decatur il

Solar Panel Roof Mounts Decatur IL

We pride ourselves on offering affordable and cost-effective savings when it comes to solar panel roof mounts. Our expert technicians factor your structural and building code issues to provide the most efficient solar panel roof mount solution for your home throughout Central Illinois. Ideally, the perfect home would be south facing to maximize your energy efficiency, east or west facing dramatically decreases your energy production.

Things to consider for installing solar panel roof mounts

Roof Type – Solar roof mounting has the potential to be complex without proper guidance, luckily for you we have the expertise for a smooth operation. We have experience installing solar systems on Illinois’ three most common roof types: shingle, metal –standing seam and metal (corrugated). The rack for each application is similar, but there is a distinction in the connection between the rack and roof surface.

Shingle Roofs – When dealing with shingle roofs, if yours is fairly new, it is a good time to make the switch to solar energy now. If you have an older roof, consider either replacing the shingles before your solar installation or upgrade both at the same time.

Shingle Roof Solar Mounting – We specialize in using one of the more common approaches to mounting solar panels to a shingled roof. We strap an “L-foot” that has been anchored to the center of the truss below the roof deck which forms its structural base and is surrounded by a thing metal flashing system that tucks under a preceding shingle. Using a lag bolt to anchor the L-foot, which is equipped with a rubberized grommet compressed around the bolt, provides a waterproof installation.

Metal Roof Solar Mounting – One of the most common roofs for homes and farms. Mounting solar panels on metal roofs are similar with shingle roofs except the roof attachment mechanism.

Roof Setback Considerations – Something to consider heavily is a three foot setback around all edges of your roof, which does reduce your capability of capturing the maximum amount of solar energy, but they are for structural and fire protection reasons. In some parts of the country, fire codes require a setback.

Structural Engineering Considerations – We have a structural engineer on every project. Your solar energy system is intended to be installed and stay in place for as long as 30 years. Mother Nature will play a role, and through storms, wind and rain – we need to make sure the installation is an in optimal location. The perimeter zones are often the greatest at-risk areas of wind turbulence and extreme forces.

Truss/Roof Reinforcing – When working with metal pole barn and wood-framed buildings, we may need to reinforce the trusses with additional lumber. Extreme winds on a solar array exert positive and negative pressure, and need a durable roof and structure to withstand these forces. Additional weight from your solar unit may necessitate adding additional lumber reinforcement for your truss joints. This is never a requirement, but a professional consideration. Purlins are what we use to nail into the roof trusses, but don’t offer much resistance from extreme forces such as the wind. A metal tie is used to provide an extra connection to secure the purlin to the roof truss.

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Ground Mount Solar Panels Decatur IL

If roof mounts aren’t ideal for your solar panel needs, no worries! Ground-mounted solar panels have been rising in popularity. Working to the same degree as roof panels, ensuring maximum energy efficiency, ground-mounted solar panels allow greater ventilation of the panels, resulting in a boost in electrical efficiency.  Ground-mounted solar considerations are economical installations and eliminate the need for rooftop work.

Here are some things to consider when it comes to installing ground-mounted solar panels.

ground mount solar panels decatur illinois

Array Configuration – Standard ground mount solar installation features are available in 3,4, or 5 panels per column. We offer panels vertically, or in “portrait view” which consist of 2 panel rows and typically offer racks in 2×5 up to 2×9 layouts.

Rack Construction – One of the more popular mount options is an engineered 2” galvanized steel pipe rack secured to the surface using concrete foundations. After construction of the pope, rails are fastened to the frame and end and mid clamps help secure the solar panels to the frame.

Tilt Angle – Standard ground mount array tilt angle ranges between 25 to 35 degrees. If you have a smaller farm or residential property, a fixed axis is popular and cost effective.

Inverter & Electrical Accessories – The rack construction forms an ideal support for mounting inverters, combiner boxes, electrical subpanels and related balance of system components.

Array Physical Size – The typical ground mount array, each row of panels is approximately 76” wide (6-foot-6-inches). A 10-column ground mount with 50 panels overall, from side-to-side, would be approximately 66 feet.

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solar panel installation in decatur il

Solar Panel Benefits Decatur IL

By investing in a solar panel system for your home, you can enjoy greater energy independence, including financial savings!  The benefits of going solar:

  • Incorporating a solar system into your energy resources cuts down on your electricity bill.
  • Your own energy source protects you against inflation – the sun (your source) is free.
  • Incentives and grants may be available to provide additional funding for your solar energy system.
  • Commercial property owner’s solar and energy-efficient systems reduce expenses and as a result, increase net operating income. An increase of NOI has a positive correlation of boosting commercial property value.
  • Homeowners, given that not all appraisers are trained in solar home appraisals, the Real Estate Appraisal Institute have done studies concluding that homes with solar energy systems sold at a higher value.