Solar Panel Installation in Decatur Illinois and Central Illinois

Solar power is an effective means to help everyone from farmers and everyday homeowners to large corporations become more energy independent. Whether you want a consultation on a potential solar panel system or you’re ready to convert to a reliable and efficient energy source, D&D Electric is here to help you with all your energy needs. We take you step by step through our process, from selecting your solar panel size, choosing the location of installation, providing a detailed energy and financial report, to finally delivering a professional solar installation to help you start saving money on energy bills. For quality solar panel installation services call our experienced staff at (217) 502-0083.

Why Go Solar?


Reduce your carbon footprint by going solar! Our solar panels use reliable energy from the sun to power your home or business without burning harmful fossil fuels.

Electric Bill

Solar panels are a cost-effective solution that also reduces your monthly electric bill. You will never have to pay on rising energy expenses for your home again!

Return On Your

Have a solar panel system qualifies you for tax breaks at the end of the year, putting money in your pocket and increasing the value of your home or business.

Solar Panel Benefits

With the cost of energy prices rising every year, home and business owners are looking at renewable energy sources that are proving to have a variety of benefits, that electrical energy just can’t beat. Everything from maximum yearly savings to an increase in your home value are benefits that come with investing in a solar panel system. Read below to view the top benefits that owning solar panels can have on your home and way of life.

Solar Panel Roof Mounts

We pride ourselves on offering affordable and cost-effective savings when it comes to solar panel roof mounts. Our expert technicians take into consideration any structural or building code issues when selecting a product to provide the most efficient solar panel roof mount solution for your home throughout Central Illinois. Ideally, the perfect home would be south facing to maximize your energy efficiency, east or west-facing homes dramatically decreases energy production. Let D&D Electric install your quality solar panel roof mounts today, call now to receive a free estimate on our services

roof installed solar panels central illinois

Things to consider for installing solar panel roof mounts:

Call D&D Electric today at (217) 502-0083 to learn more about solar panel roofs from our experts

Ground Mount Solar Panels

If roof mounts aren’t ideal for your solar panel needs, no worries! Ground-mounted solar panels have been rising in popularity. Working to the same degree as roof panels, ensuring maximum energy efficiency, ground-mounted solar panels allow greater ventilation of the panels, resulting in a boost in electrical efficiency.  Ground-mounted solar considerations are economical installations and eliminate the need for rooftop work. Here are some things to consider when it comes to installing ground-mounted solar panels:

solar panels installed in the ground decatur illinois

What Our Clients Say

C. Markum
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D&D installed a microwave we purchased from Lowe's. The installer was very nice, and professional. I would use them again.
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I have called them a few times and they have been completely honest and upfront with me. Their prices are also fair. I will hire again!
Ben R.
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D&D Electric has an outstanding team full of knowledge and experience. Most importantly they stand by their word. Five stars!
S. Gross Shaw
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I had a serious issue with the main breaker in my breaker box. D and D came the same day and replaced the breaker box for me. They did an awesome job.
L. Barton
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Absolutely, amazing! Both times they had to come out. I really appreciate them explaining things to me; like what exactly was the issue and how they fixed. Very polite excellent service! Thank you
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Installed a generator on contract. phone valley questions and sends out quarterly mailers for service appointments. Very courteous.
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What a fantastic experience with D&D! Able to repair my problem the same day I called. Both the owner I spoke to on the phone and the electrician who did the repair were polite and nice to talk to. Highly recommend
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Had a wonderful experience. Our generator stopped working and they have an employee that specializes in generators. Very knowledgeable and prompt.