Solar Power Panels Installation in Champaign Illinois

There is nothing more satisfying than generating your own electricity with solar panels. Let D&D Electric create your very own supply of electricity. We do it efficiently. We do it effectively. And we do it all throughout Champaign, Illinois. At a cost-effective price, create your own solar system and start lowering your energy bill today!

We install both, roof-mounted solar panels and ground-mounted solar panels systems for your transition to solar energy. Using our certified solar technicians, we will help assess your property and landscape and provide feedback for solutions to your energy conquest. We are a family-owned and operated electric company with expertise in solar energy installations. Call us today for a free estimate, and see first-hand how we’ve satisfied customers all throughout our community since 1999. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured (License #EC92-035). All of our staff members receive OSHA training and our company is licensed by the EPA.

Call us today and we’ll provide any home or business with professional solar array installation.

Residential & Farm Solar Energy Champaign Illinois

One of the greatest long-term investments you can make for your home or property is in solar energy. A renewable resource, it helps you take control of your own energy efficiency. If you want to schedule a consultation for an estimate or if you are ready for the installation process, D&D Electric services all residential and farm buildings solar energy needs.

Our technicians are certified and trained in being able to identify the best possible solutions for your energy consumption needs. We provide extensive information that results in you making better-informed decisions regarding the size and quantity of your solar panels, location of the installation of your solar system, and an all-inclusive financial and energy analysis to help make certain of a successful solar installation.

There are numerous options to mount your solar power system unless your home is completely enclosed by tall trees and blocked off from the sun, we can make solar energy work for you.

solar panel installation services near champaign illinois

Solar Panel Benefits

The most important benefit of solar energy is the fact that it is a renewable resource and easily acquired (the sun is everywhere). You can access this resource no matter where you are in the world, and it will remain like that at least for 5 billion years. So rest assured, it is a resource that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Aside from that, it saves you money every month. Why pay someone to provide your electrical power when you can do it yourself?

Our solar arrays are meant to have long life spans and are durable through harsh storms and severe winds. Additionally, they require low maintenance, and wear and tear isn’t an issue. The inverter, which is the piece that converts your solar energy into electricity and heat will need to be replaced every 5-10 years. Other than that, it is an extremely cost-effective investment. At D&D Electric, we provide expert installation and maintenance of your solar systems to ensure peak performance and durability.

We encourage you to let us help you with your transition to a more cost-effective energy source – solar! Call us today for free consultations and estimates and let us help you with your solar energy experience.

Roof Mounted Panels

We provide cost-saving and energy-efficient solar panel roof mounts. The first step is to have a detailed inspection of your roof and provide ideal solar energy solutions based on structural and building codes specified for you. To get the maximum energy consumption out of your roof-mounted solar panels, a southward facing home is ideal, if that isn’t the case that is alright, it just performs at a slightly less productive rate. Throughout Illinois, the three most common types of roofs you can find are shingle, metal (standing seam), and metal (corrugated) and we have experience installing solar arrays on all three.

If roof mounted panels are your choice for solar energy consumption, the first thing we want you to consider is the age of your current roof. Is it due for a renovation or is it fairly new? Our solar equipment is designed to last for over 30 years, if maintained properly. Furthermore, take in to account your buildings structural performance and building fire codes. Some may be required a three-foot setback for safety and fire purposes.

For more information regarding your roof mounted solar panel inquires, call us today!

roof-mounted solar panel installation champaign illinois
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Ground Mounted Panels

If roof-mounted solar panels aren’t ideal for your situation, another popular concept is ground-mounted panels. A ground-mounted solar array eliminates the extra cost and ordeal of rooftop work and if you have enough ground area to support it, is an ideal alternative. The open-frame design provides better ventilation leading to better efficiency.

Our step-by-step process gives you complete control for your transition to solar energy. We provide our expertise and knowledge to help let you make an informed decision. You decide how many solar panels per column (3, 4, or 5), whether it is a portrait or vertical alignment, and the degree of tilt, and although we provide our advice, it is ultimately up to you.

If you are interested in ground-mounted panels, contact D&D Electric today to talk with an expert.