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Solar Power and Solar Panel Systems Bloomington IL

At D&D Electric, we encourage you to stop paying money to an electric company, when you can easily pay a one-time installation fee and have your house and appliances run off solar power. As suppliers of your own electricity, enjoy the several benefits and freedoms associated with having a solar array on your residential or farm in Bloomington, IL.

When you are ready to make the decision to become more energy efficient, we offer roof mounted panels and ground mounted panels for whichever is more ideal for you. Along with our excellent customer service and reputable expertise, our solar technicians are certified and provide feedback for your best solar energy solutions.  We are a family owned and operated electric company with expertise in solar energy installations. Call us today for a free estimate, and see first-hand how we’ve satisfied customers all throughout our community since 1999. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured (License #EC92-035). All of our staff members receive OSHA training and our company is licensed by the EPA.

Call us today and we’ll provide any home or business with professional solar array installation.

Residential & Farm Solar Energy Bloomington IL

Solar power is a great choice in providing a great opportunity for farms and residential homes to become more energy efficient. If you want to schedule an installation for your farm, or interested in a consultation and a free estimate, D&D Electric can help you get started on your self-sustained energy mission.

Our technicians are certified and provide extensive knowledge on solar energy and solutions to help you make a decision. We assist you in selecting the size and quantity of your solar panels, whether or not it is ideal for a roof or ground mounted installation, and a complete energy and financial analysis is our process to ensure a premier solar installation.

There are numerous options to mount your solar power system, unless your home is completely enclosed by tall trees and blocked off from the sun, we can make solar energy work for you.

Roof Mounted Panels

At D&D Electric, we provide cost-effective solar panel roof mounts for your solar power conquest. With careful consideration taken into our plans, including structural health of the building, condition of your roof and building safety codes, we provide ideal solar power solutions for your roof mounted system. We have experience installing solar panels on shingle and metal roofs, which are the most popular roofs throughout Bloomington, IL.

residential roof mounted solar panels bloomington il

When installing your roof mounted panels, it is vital that we hold a detailed survey of the area. Inspecting its structural integrity, building codes and possible safety hazards are all taken into consideration when formulating your solar power solutions. We recommend you take in to consideration the current condition of your roof and if it is due for an upgrade, keeping in mind that your home solar kit is meant to last for 30 plus years. Installing on a wood-framed building could need additional truss reinforcement, which is possible, and not necessary for every situation, just a professional consideration.

For more information regarding your roof mounted solar panel inquiries, call us today!

commercial ground mounted solar panels bloomington illinois

Ground Mounted Panels

A popular option in recent years has been the ground mounted panels option, which works great if you have ground area that is free from obstruction and shade. If you have the open area, why bother with the extra work of roof mounting? Ground mounted panels are an economical investment, and with its open frame structure it enables greater ventilation resulting in more solar power.

Our certified technicians assist you in selecting the ideal solar power system for your property, ensuring maximum solar energy consumption. With our step-by-step process, we consult with you on the amount of solar panels per column, a vertical or portrait arrangement, material to construct your rack with, and proper tilt angle. All these decisions, with the help of our expertise and knowledge, are yours to make for your ultimate solar array system. Solar power ground mounted systems can be as large as 66-feet, depending on your desires. A standard column of panels is roughly 78 inches.

If you are interested in ground mounted panels, contact D&D Electrical today to talk with an expert.

home solar power solutions in bloomington il

Solar Panel Benefits

Solar energy is a renewable resource. Which is a great benefit, considering it is an energy resource that you can acquire (almost) at anytime, no matter where you are in the world. The next benefit is the fact that supplying your own residential home or farm with electricity and heat eliminates (or at least lowers) your monthly utility bills. Why pay an energy company for something that you are capable of providing for yourself?

Our solar power arrays are durable and capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and severe weather, a typical lifespan is 30 years. Aside from a long life span, it requires essentially little maintenance and a simple cleaning once or twice a year. The inverter may need to be replaced every 5-10 years, which is important because that is the part that converts your solar energy into heat and electricity. Besides the initial costs of transitioning to a solar energy system, it is relatively low cost for maintenance and lasts, leading it to be a cost-effective purchase. At D&D Electric, we provide expert installation and maintenance of your solar systems to ensure peak performance and durability.

We encourage you to let us help you with your transition to a more cost-effective energy source – solar! Call us today for free consultations and estimates and let us help you with your solar energy experience.