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If you have recently installed electrical appliances and have noticed that your fuses tend to go out more often than normal, it could be problems with your electrical panel being overloaded. D&D Electric is a locally owned and family operated company staffed with licensed electricians capable of handling your electrical repair needs in Champaign, IL. We strictly abide to the local and national codes as dictated by the National Electrical Code (NEC), which is published by the U.S. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 70). This is the standard when it comes to safe installations of electrical wiring and equipment, and we pride ourselves on complying within all local and state regulations.

Some common code violations guidelines:


  • GFCI receptacles are required
  • Receptacle must be within 3 feet of sink

General Rooms

  • Wall receptacles every 12 feet
  • Hallways more than 10 feet must have at least one receptacle


  • Countertop receptacles must be GFCI
  • No receptacles more than 20 inches above countertops

We thrive on building trustworthy relationships with our customers due to our excellent customer service, quality service and our unmatchable integrity. We take on every project with our client’s best interest at heart, and focus on long-term results rather than short-term fixes. If you have any electrical repair, or want to schedule an inspection to ensure your electrical systems performance and safety is up to standard, call us today for an estimate!

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Electrical Upgrades & Wiring Champaign IL

Your electrical panel is the heart of your home’s electrical system. It is the key distributor of all electrical circuits within your home. If you are adding electrical appliances or installing electrical circuits – we advice contacting a professional to avoid any potential safety and fire hazard caused by installing electrical upgrades and wiring. At D&D, we evaluate your entire electrical system and determine if you are in need of a panel upgrade, or even a complete installation of a sub panel to better develop your electrical efficiency.

If your home is experiencing dim lights, consistent power outages and circuit breaker fails, it may be time to either upgrade your electrical panel or install a sub panel. An electrical sub panel installation is ideal to relieve the burden of running your entire electrical system through your main panel. Sub-panels are also an ideal installation if your main panel doesn’t have enough space to support additional circuit breakers.

As your local electrician experts, we advise against DIY endeavors. The risks are too great. At home electrocutions are fairly common and result as a case of negligence and improper techniques to help ensure proper safety guidelines are met. Your home’s safety is our number one priority in any electrical work we do for you, whether it is servicing a blown fuse or rewiring your entire house.

We install and upgrade and of your electrical panels, wiring and circuit needs. For more information click here, or call us today for a free estimate!

Outlet Installation Champaign IL

Electrical wiring and circuits are what makes up an entire home’s electrical system. Those two tools are what are required to instill a complete flow of electricity from your main electrical panel to your outlets and HVAC systems, etc. In the United States, electric circuits are either 120-volts or 240-volts.

Disruptions within your circuit wiring are potential fire hazards, and it is estimated that 50 people die every year from accidental electrocutions at home. While it may seem like a simple task or fix, unsafe and improper electrical wiring can lead to devastating backlash. It is best to call the professionals and let us help you with your outlet installations.

We install your standard household three-pronged and polarized receptacle outlets and Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets where electrical appliances may be subjected to moisture. If you are looking to have more outlet installations or replacing your standard outlet with a GFCI, call us today for a free quote!

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Lighting Installation Champaign IL

Additionally, we specialize in residential lighting installation. Interior lighting plays a vital role in regards to your home’s interior design. Some people prefer natural lighting; others prefer a bright and full illumination of their room. Whatever your preference may be, we specialize in it all (task, accent and overhead).

While the aesthetic of lighting can greatly increase your home’s look and feel, it is important to realize the heavy consumption of energy caused by lighting, leading to a hefty utility bill each month. At D&D Electric, we understand the importance of good lighting and smart energy consumption, which is why we focus on residential lighting done right. Trying to save you money and conserve natural resources one electrical upgrade at a time!

We provide extensive knowledge and experience for your indoor lighting needs, as well as exterior lighting. Exterior lighting can be used to increase the visual beauty of your home (sidewalks, patios and flowers illuminated) as well as provide a sense of security and comfort. Well lit areas during the darkness of the night are a great way to provide safety for your home.

Call us today for quotes on our lighting installation services!

Smoke Detectors Champaign IL

Carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors are two of the most vital pieces of safety equipment to have installed in any home. While smoke detectors are mandatory, we encourage you to install carbon monoxide detectors for a 100% guarantee of safety against the deadly gas.

Due to its lack of color, taste and odor – carbon monoxide poisoning is one of the more common sources of poisonings in the US. However, despite how deadly it can be, the risk is 100% avoidable with proper safety measures. We install reputable carbon monoxide detectors in ideal locations to best protect your home from a potential fatal outbreak.

Smoke detectors are required by law, but honestly they should be a no brainer as to why you should have them installed in your home. They are your first signal of a potential fire and are literally life-saving devices. USE THEM.

Homeowners with questions or concerns regarding their smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors should call D&D Electrical today for your repair and installation needs.

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