Residential & Commercial Generators in Throughout the Central Illinois Area

At D&D Electric, we specialize in the maintenance, repair and installation of residential and commercial generators, and emergency backup generators in Decatur, Illinois and throughout Central Illinois. If a violent storm wipes out the power throughout your neighborhood, call us to have us set up a new generator to provide warmth and safety during rigorous weather.


Residential Generators

residential generac generator decatur illinois area

When you are living in the Midwest, which is notorious for its unpredictable weather like ice and snow storms, tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, and extreme temperatures — it is best to have an emergency backup generator inevitable for when your power goes out. Violent storms can be detrimental to your home’s utility services. Often causing your home to lose its power, this as a result could lead to problems with your sump pump, frozen pipes and unsafe living conditions. We provide our customers with professionally installed home backup generators to ensure your family’s safety during power outages.

Being a homeowner in central Illinois, you know firsthand how unpredictable the weather can be in the summer and winter months. Every time there is a storm, the worry of having your electricity go out is a rational fear that never truly subsides until you invest in a whole home backup generator. 

Benefits of A Whole Home Backup Generator

Stop relying on your electric providers to restore your power after a rain or snowstorm. Investing in a backup generator will allow you to continue running your air conditioner, furnace, sump pump, refrigerator, washer, dryer, and any other electric appliance during a blackout! Let D&D Electric provide you with total peace of mind by installing a top of the line Generac generator in your central Illinois home.

A few additional benefits to owning a home backup generator includes:

We want you to understand that selecting us to install your backup generator is the most cost-effective decision you could make. Not only are we certified technicians with numerous years of experience, but we offer quality service and solutions and top tier brand products such as Generac.


Commercial Generators

Commercial Generators

D&D Electric provides its customers with professionally installed standby commercial generators to keep employees and businesses safe during a blackout. It isn’t just about losing light bulbs, restaurants foods can spoil, offices productivity levels drop decreasing profits, etc. the results pile up. Not to mention, no power means no security, thus leaving your business more vulnerable than ever. None of this happens if you have a backup generator! Plan ahead before it is too late and call us to schedule an appointment about what we can do for you! We install AND provide maintenance and repairs for your commercial generator needs.

A commercial backup generator is the best security net for your business. It is installed outside the building and wired into the entire building’s electrical system. Much like a central air conditioning unit, it sits outside of the building and delivers power directly into your business’ electrical system where it is needed, automatically.


commercial generac generator central illinois

Benefits of Industrial Backup Generator

If you are a business owner with medical equipment, office equipment, machinery or restaurants – backup generators are ideal. Some benefits include:

For any of your generator needs, whether it is installation, maintenance or repair or you are a commercial entity or a residential home, we at D&D Electric have you covered. We have been serving the community honestly and to the best of our ability, guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with the best in the business!