Electrical Services

Electrical Services by Licensed Electricians Throughout Central Illinois

At D&D Electric, we adhere to the national electrical codes as dictated by the National Electrical Code (NEC), published by the U.S. National Fire Protection Association. Whether you are getting ready to purchase a home, or selling one; it is important to get an inspection to assess your home’s health. Electrical inspections are best left to the professionals, because we can recognize potential problems at a more effective rate and provide a thorough report on the current status of your home’s electrical wiring.

We are a family-owned and operated company that deals with electrical services based in central Illinois. Our licensed electricians are expertly trained in handling everything from electrical repairs and outlet installation to upgrades on your home or businesses’ circuit breaker. At D&D Electric, we pride ourselves on producing quality work while providing outstanding customer service and reasonable prices to residents throughout central Illinois. Our extensive knowledge of electrical systems allows us to identify an issue and restore it immediately to get your house running as it should! If you’re looking to increase the efficiency of your home or upgrade your electrical system, call D&D Electric today!

Electrical Repairs

electrical upgrades and repair services in the decatur illinois area

Our expert electricians in central Illinois specialize in repairing your home or business’ electrical systems. If you have been replacing light bulbs regularly and have been noticing flickering lights, broken switches/outlets, or the smell of burning rubber, it’s time to schedule a visit from the professionals. While it may seem easy to forget that your home may have an electrical issue, letting the problem go unnoticed can threaten the safety of you and your family.

According to NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), 50% of home fires across the United States in 2019 were caused due to improper electrical distribution in lighting and power transfer equipment in residential homes. If you believe that your home or business’

Electrical Inspection

Inspections by D&D Electric are fast, efficient, and completed by expert electricians in the central Illinois area. Running a thorough analysis of your electrical systems, we can inform you whether your generator, solar panels, outlets, or circuit breaker are running at its highest potential before you buy, sell, or remodel your home or business. If it isn’t, we offer professional solutions to achieve total electrical efficiency for your property! Let D&D Electric inspect your residential home or commercial business to ensure your electrical systems are operating to the best of their ability.

electrical inspection services near decatur illinois

Electrical Rewiring

If your home or business has experienced dimming or flickering lights, sparks from an outlet, or frequently blown fuses it may be time to invest in an electrical rewiring service by D&D Electric. The entire electrical system of your home or business consists of wires and circuits. These wires and circuits provide direct electrical connections from the main electric panel and transfer it to outlets and appliances around your property. The standard electric circuits in any home wiring system in the United States are typically 120-volts or 240-volts.

Failures in your circuit wiring can cause problems and are a potential fire hazard. It is estimated by The Consumer Product Safety Commission that 50 people die every year due to accidental electrocutions as a result of fault residential wiring, panel boards, and circuit breakers. 

Electrical rewiring projects are not a DIY venture. Our trained technicians provide whole house re-wiring and evaluation of your circuits, to guarantee you are complying with the state codes while ensuring a safe delivery of electrical current throughout your home or business.

Call D&D Electric at (217) 502-0083 for your electrical rewiring needs.

Electrical Upgrades

The main electrical panel is the nucleus of your home or business’s electrical system and the distributor of all the electrical circuits on your property. With every addition of electrical circuits and appliances, you amplify the demand of your electrical panel, which could cause problems with the distribution of electricity over time. These mishaps depend on the year your home was built and the amount of electricity you use, which factor into whether you should replace your power panel or add a sub-panel to balance out the demand.

At D&D Electric, we evaluate your electrical systems to determine whether it would be best to upgrade your main electric panel or simply install a sub-panel.

If your home already has a contemporary electrical system, but still suffering electrical issues, it may not need a replacement, but an addition.Two main reasons why you might want to consider installing a circuit breaker sub-panel:

electrical upgrades and repair services in the decatur illinois area

"At D&D Electric, we pride ourselves on producing quality work while providing outstanding customer service and reasonable prices to residents throughout central Illinois."

Outlet Installation

If you just recently purchased a home with improper wiring, or are looking to update your home’s electrical outlets, D&D Electric is here to help! Did you know that each electrical outlet contains two, three-pronged, polarized receptacles as well as a 120-volt hot wire, neutral wire, and ground wire? When installing brand new outlets in your home or commercial business, our trained electricians ensure that every outlet is up to code, installing GFCI’s (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) wherever an electrical appliance may be subjected to moisture.

If you’re unsure of the efficiency of your electrical outlets or would like them replaced entirely, call D&D Electric to schedule an appointment and receive a free quote on our outlet installation services!

electric receptacle installation or outlet installation central illinois

Lighting Installation

florescent lighting installation services near central illinois

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors


Smoke Detectors – Just as important as carbon monoxide detectors are smoke detectors. This easy installation is an early alarm to help prevent fire fatalities. The National Fire Protection Agency recommends that you replace your fire detectors every five years, ensuring the continued safety of you and your family.

D&D Electric are experts in installing smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors for your residential or commercial property. We are experienced and offer our perspective on where each device should be placed for maximum safety and help provide maintenance checkups and battery replacements when needed.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors – Carbon monoxide is nothing to fool around with. It is one of the leading causes for deaths by poison in the US, mainly because it has no odor, color, or taste, leaving it nearly impossible to detect – unless you have a carbon monoxide detector.

Carbon monoxide can be released into your home by your HVAC system, gas stove, wood fireplace, clogged chimneys, or car exhaust. We install reputable carbon monoxide detectors to ensure the deadly gas stays out of your home. Don’t fall victim to one of the most dangerous home safety issues, especially because it is preventable.

smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector installation services central illinois

New Construction Electrical Services

new construction electrical services near central illinois

Are you currently undergoing a remodel or a brand-new construction project? If so, D&D Electric are the specialists to hire for the installation of your electrical system, backup emergency generators, and if you are feeling frisky – solar panels to help your energy efficiency. Having us start from scratch is a huge advantage for you, because with our expertise, we can ensure that your electrical system will be full-functioning, state-of-the-art layout and energy-saving features to help limit the costs of your utility bill.

Electrical Codes

Our technicians are licensed and thoroughly trained at D&D Electric and comply with all local and state codes. We are particularly versed in inspecting your home and ensuring your property and family are safely in compliance with the NEC. If we notice anything, we flag it and take corrective action.

Some electric codes include:



•GFCI receptacles required, and must be within three feet of the sink and no receptacle can be face-up on countertops.

•To prevent hazardous overloading from hair dryers, there must be at least one 20 amp branch circuit.


•All countertop receptacles must be GFCI (ground fault current interrupter) and must be above any countertop wider than 12 inches.

•No receptacles more than 20 inches above countertops and cannot be face-up.
General Rooms

General Rooms

•There should be outlets every 12 feet, and on any wall space larger than 24 inches wide.

•Minimum of one outlet in any hallway more than 10 feet.

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C. Markum
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D&D installed a microwave we purchased from Lowe's. The installer was very nice, and professional. I would use them again.
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I have called them a few times and they have been completely honest and upfront with me. Their prices are also fair. I will hire again!
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D&D Electric has an outstanding team full of knowledge and experience. Most importantly they stand by their word. Five stars!
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I had a serious issue with the main breaker in my breaker box. D and D came the same day and replaced the breaker box for me. They did an awesome job.
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Absolutely, amazing! Both times they had to come out. I really appreciate them explaining things to me; like what exactly was the issue and how they fixed. Very polite excellent service! Thank you
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Installed a generator on contract. Responsive.to phone valley questions and sends out quarterly mailers for service appointments. Very courteous.
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What a fantastic experience with D&D! Able to repair my problem the same day I called. Both the owner I spoke to on the phone and the electrician who did the repair were polite and nice to talk to. Highly recommend
R. Merrill
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Had a wonderful experience. Our generator stopped working and they have an employee that specializes in generators. Very knowledgeable and prompt.