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Licensed Electrician for All Your Electrical Repair Services in Springfield Illinois

At D&D Electric, we are the certified and professional electricians in Springfield, Illinois who strictly abide by the local and national codes as dictated by the National Electrical Code (NEC), which is published by the U.S. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 70). The NEC is the standard when it comes to safe installation of electrical wiring and equipment. Local boards are responsible for inspecting their jurisdictions to ensure proper compliance. At D&D Electric, our certified technicians are trained and licensed to comply with all local and state electrical codes set by Springfield, Illinois.

Some common code violations guidelines:



•GFCI receptacles are required

•Receptacle must be within 3 feet of sink


•Countertop receptacles must be GFCI

•No receptacles more than 20 inches above countertops
General Rooms

General Rooms

•Wall receptacles every 12 feet

•Hallways 10 feet+ must have at least one receptacle

Licensed Electricians

We are a locally owned and family operated company of licensed electricians in the Springfield, Illinois area, priding ourselves on quality work, excellent customer service, and honest pricing. We build trustworthy relationships with our customers based on our integrity and quality service. We thrive on providing effective results, not short-term fixes. If you have any electrical repair that is needed – don’t hesitate to give us a call. We pride ourselves in offering fast resolutions, affordable prices, and customer service.

Whether you are considering a home remodeling project or building it from scratch, you must have a certified electrician to install your electrical system. D&D Electric employs experienced electricians in the Springfield, Illinois area that have extensive practice in the installation of electrical systems, backup emergency generators, and solar panels. If you are looking to make your home more energy-efficient and want a cost-effective solution, we are the electricians to call. Our team designs your entire electrical layout, collaborates with you about electrical outlet installation and where to place them, lighting installation, etc. to help bring you a state-of-the-art electrical system in Springfield, Illinois.

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Electrical Inspection

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the number one cause of property damage is because of electrical problems. Additionally, studies have shown that small appliances that are plugged into improper wiring are the main cause of accidental electrocutions. The best way to avoid any of these safety hazards is by having a certified electrician provide a thorough electrical inspection of your entire electrical system. D&D Electric is the favorite choice for electrical inspections for those in the Springfield, Illinois area.

When is the best time for an electrical safety inspection in Springfield, Illinois? While they are important, they don’t have to be as routine as one might think. There are four pivotal moments when having an electrical safety inspection is beneficial:

Having your home in Springfield, Illinois undergo an electrical safety inspection not only allows for you and your family to be safe, but it also identifies notorious electrical mistakes made by previous homeowners, be able to recognize aluminum or knob-and-tube wiring which has become outdated, ensure your electrical components and electrical wiring haven’t degraded, verify your fuses or breakers aren’t over-sized that could result in a fire, helps save energy and reduce expenses, and allows you to pass insurance risk assessment inspections. There are numerous benefits to having an electrical safety inspection in Springfield, Illinois which results in peace of mind knowing that your home is safe and secure.

Electrical Rewiring

Home electrocutions are nothing to look over. They happen, and not as rare as they should. This is because of DIY endeavors not done properly, or simply because of negligence. Making sure that your home’s circuits and wirings are performing to their full potential and within safety and regulation standards is our priority number one. Whether it is a blown fuse or an entire rewiring of the house, our licensed electricians are more than capable of ensuring your system is operating safely and effectively.

We install and upgrade any of your electrical panels, wiring, and circuit needs for those in the Springfield, Illinois area. For more information call us today for a free estimate on our electrical rewiring services!

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Electrical Upgrades

Your main electrical panel is the central focus of your home’s electrical system and the distributor of all electrical circuits. If you are adding electrical appliances and/or electrical circuits, it is best to contact your local electrician in Springfield, Illinois to help ensure your panel can keep up with the electrical demand.

At D&D Electric, we evaluate your entire electrical system and determine if you need a panel upgrade, or even a complete installation of a sub-panel to better develop your electrical efficiency. If you are experiencing frequent circuit breakers going out or lower output from your electrical outlets – it could be time for an electrical upgrade. Installation of a sub-panel helps alleviate the burden from your main electrical panel.

Electrical Repairs

Loose outlets and broken light switches are more than a nuisance in your family home or business, they are a serious electrical hazard that gets worse over time without proper repairs from a professional electrician. We know that it can be easy to forget about underlying issues with your home’s electrical systems when they are hidden in the walls and ground around and beneath your home. However, a 2019 report from the NFPA showed that over 50% of home fires in the United States were caused due to electrical malfunctions from faulty wiring that was not repaired.

You should never have to worry about whether your home and family are safe from damages caused by electrical issues, call D&D Electric to receive a free quote on our electrical repair services, and schedule a time for our qualified electricians to inspect and fix your home or business’ faulty wiring.

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Outlet Installation

The entire electrical wiring system of a house is comprised of wires and circuits, which provide complete delivery of electricity from your main electrical panel to your outlets and major appliances like HVAC systems, pool pumps, and garage doors. In the United States, electric circuits are, for the most part, 120-volts, or 240-volts.

Disruptions within your circuit wiring are potential fire hazards, and it is estimated that 50 people die every year from accidental electrocutions at home. While it may seem like a simple task or fix, an unsafe and improper electrical repair can lead to a devastating backlash. It is best to call the professionals and let us help you with your outlet installations.

We install your standard household three-pronged and polarized receptacle outlets and Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets where electrical appliances may be subjected to moisture. If you are looking to have more outlet installations or replacing your standard outlet with a GFCI, call us today for a free quote!

Lighting Installation

Specializing in residential lighting installation in Springfield, Illinois, our electricians can help you create a beautiful aesthetic of interior lighting, guaranteeing to leave visitors in awe. It is important to recognize (and we do) the role indoor lighting has on interior design, but at the same time being aware of efficient energy consumption, which is a major source of your home’s energy usage. That is why we focus on residential lighting done right. Saving you money and helping you conserve natural resources simultaneously.

Whether you are looking to bring your home’s interior design to life with a full array of light installation choices or ensure proper safety and security precautions with a well-lit exterior lighting system, D&D Electric is the right choice for the job. We specialize in task, accent, and overhead lighting to help bring a sense of comfort and illumination, as well as fluorescent lighting for your cabinets and art pieces. Additionally, we provide exterior lighting for your home for decorative (walkways, plants, shrubs) as well as security purposes (certain well-lit areas during the darkest hours of the night) to help deter crime.

Call us today for quotes on our lighting installation services!

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Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

The two most vital pieces of safety equipment in any residential or commercial property are smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. These two devices are essential in your quest for creating a safe home for you and your family, and one of the wiser life-saving investments you can make. Homeowners with questions or concerns regarding their smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors should call D&D Electric today for your repair and installation needs.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors – Carbon monoxide poisoning is a serious threat and one of the most common sources of poisonings within the US. Its lack of color, taste, and odor makes it one of the most dangerous home issues. However, it is 100% avoidable. We install reputable carbon monoxide detectors that act fast in identifying this potentially deadly gas emitted into your home.

Smoke Detectors – Smoke detectors, a safety device required to be installed in your residential or commercial property provides early warnings to you and your family to help prevent fire fatalities. We understand the importance of these safety devices within your home and provide professional installation services, as well as our input on ideal locations for maximum safety.

Homeowners with questions or concerns regarding their smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors should call D&D Electric today for your repair and installation needs.