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Professional Lighting Installation Services in the Troy Illinois Area

You can count on D&D Electric in Troy, Illinois to provide quality and professional electrical services on all of your lighting fixtures, outlets, generators, solar panels, circuit breakers, and more! Whether you recently installed brand new electrical appliances to your kitchen or would like to have external light fixtures installed on your property, our contractors can provide quality electrical services to your home or business. As a family-owned and operated business, we pride ourselves on offering trustworthy, reliable, and efficient services to central Illinois residents.

Our electricians abide by strict local and state codes set in place by the NEC and NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) to ensure that all electrical appliances and systems are installed properly. A few of our code violation guidelines include:

Some common code violations guidelines:



•GFCI receptacles are required

•Receptacle must be within 3 feet of sink


•Countertop receptacles must be GFCI

•No receptacles more than 20 inches above countertops
General Rooms

General Rooms

•Wall receptacles every 12 feet

•Hallways 10 feet+ must have at least one receptacle

Licensed Electricians

At D&D Electric located in the Troy, Illinois area, we pride ourselves on having experienced electricians that produce quality work at an honest price for residents in central Illinois. Since 1999, our goal has been to provide excellent customer service to every client through quality service and integrity that our company was founded upon.

With our company, short term fixes are never the answer. We provide quality and professional service on all of our generator, solar panel, lighting, outlet, and circuit repairs for reasonable prices that none of our competitors can match. If you are looking for a licensed electrician, call us today and we will give you a fair quote on any of our outstanding services.

electrical inspections and repair services in troy illinois

Electrical Inspection

We know the last thing you want to worry about when purchasing or renovating a new home is the state of your electrical system. Many homeowners do not realize that, if not installed or update properly, your circuit breaker panel can cause serious damage to your outlets and appliances if the issue is never discovered. We recommend that you have your home’s electrical system inspected every 20 years or anytime you renovate or add an appliance that requires large amounts of electricity to power.

D&D Electric has been the number one choice for Troy, Illinois residents since the start of our company in 1999. Call our shop today to speak with a qualified electrician and have your electrical circuits and panel inspected to ensure it is up to code.

Electrical Rewiring

At D&D Electric, we are the experts to call for all commercial and residential electrical rewiring services! Our electricians make sure that your home’s electrical system and circuits are performing to their highest potential and are up to code. Whether you need your breakers, outlets, or lighting fixtures rewired, we are here to provide you with outstanding customer service in the Troy, Illinois area.

You and your property’s safety is our top priority, that’s why we work fast and efficiently to rewire and repair any faulty wires in your home or business. For additional information on our electrical rewiring services, call our shop to speak with a licensed electrician and receive a free quote!

electrical rewiring solutions near troy illinois
electrical upgrades and repair services in the troy illinois area

Electrical Upgrades

When was the last time you had your circuit breaker panel upgraded? While general upgrades should take place every 25-40 years or if your home is over 30 years old, our electricians recommend that you upgrade your circuit breaker if you have replaced or added new electrical appliances to your home or business.

At D&D Electric, we inspect your electrical system and determine if you need a panel upgrade or a sub-panel installed to keep up with the electrical demand that your appliances require to run efficiently. If you notice that your circuit breaker is frequently going out or your appliances are not running as fast as they should, your electrical system could require an electrical upgrade. Call our shop today to speak with a professional and receive a free quote.

Electrical Repairs

We know the last thing you want to do when putting money into your home is to spend it on electrical repairs. It may seem easier to just ignore the issue than to hire a professional electrician, however, leaving these issues unsolved will only create bigger and more expensive issues in the future.

It was recorded by the NFPA that more than half of all house fires in 2019 were caused due to improper electrical distributions. You should never have to worry about the safety of you and your family at home. Call D&D Electric! We specialize in electrical repairs on everything from broken light switches and outlets to hot ceiling fixtures and loud buzzing sounds from your appliances. Receive a free quote today!

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electric receptacle installation or outlet installation in troy illinois

Outlet Installation

Can you remember the last time you had brand new electrical outlets installed? Without proper working outlets, your home or business’s electrical system could begin to fail and over time, increase your overall utility bill. The outlets in your home are essential to providing electricity to dozens of your electrical appliances at once, that’s why you should call D&D Electric to make sure they are functioning efficiently.

We specialize in outlet installations and upgrades that keep your HVAC systems, pool pumps, garage doors, kitchen appliances, and electronics running properly for decades to come. We service 120-volt and 240-volt three-pronged and polarized receptacle outlets as well as Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets where electrical appliances may be subjected to moisture.

Call our professional contractors today for a free quote on our outlet installation services!

Lighting Installation

Having the correct lighting in and around your home or business can affect the way your space looks and feels. At D&D Electric, we do more than just service your electrical systems, generators, and solar panels. We also specialize in installing quality accent, task, and overhead lighting fixtures in your home, as well as external lighting around your property.

Let us illuminate your kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and outdoor deck or patio spaces to bring you the comfort and style you are looking for. Our electrical contractors work with you to pick the right fixtures and light designs to make sure you are satisfied before we install it! For reasonable services and excellent customer service, call D&D Electric today and we will give you a free quote on all of our lighting installation services.

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smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector installation services troy illinois

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Two important safety devices that are required in your home or apartment by the state of Illinois are smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. These devices create a safe environment for your family and give you a heads up when your home is at risk of a fire or gas leak. Call D&D Electric today to have one of our electricians come and install, repair, or upgrade your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors – Carbon monoxide poisoning is one of the most serious, and common, sources of poisoning in the country due to its lack of color, taste, and odor. That’s why over 27 states require residents to have a working carbon monoxide detector in their home at all times. Our professional electricians at D&D Electric are here to help keep your home free of harmful gases. Call today!

Smoke Detectors – Smoke detectors are a required safety device for Troy, Illinois residents that provide immediate detection of a fire to prevent serious damage and fatalities. At D&D Electric, we know the important role that smoke detectors play to keep your family safe. Call us today to install or upgrade a new smoke detector in your home for maximum safety at a low price.

Homeowners with questions or concerns regarding their smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors should call D&D Electric today for your repair and installation needs.