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Electrical Repair Services from Licensed Electricians Pekin Illinois

Are you fed up with needing to keep track of how many lights are turned on in your house to avoid a power outage? Do you have a lot of flickering or dim lights in your house? This might indicate that your electrical systems need to be repaired by one of our qualified electricians located in Pekin, IL. All local and state electrical safety regulations established by the National Electrical Code and U.S. National Fire Protection Association are followed by our electricians at D&D Electric, LLC.

Here are a few code infractions that must be followed by homeowners:



•GFCI receptacles are required

•Receptacle must be within 3 feet of sink


•Countertop receptacles must be GFCI

•No receptacles more than 20 inches above countertops
General Rooms

General Rooms

•Wall receptacles every 12 feet

•Hallways 10 feet+ must have at least one receptacle

Licensed Electricians

D&D Electric, LLC is a family-owned And operated electrical business with over 22 years of expertise in a wide range of electrical repairs and services. For our clients in Pekin, IL, and the surrounding regions, we take pleasure in providing exceptional customer service, reasonable rates, rapid turnaround times, and 24/7 emergency services. Our qualified electricians are here to assist you every step of the way, whether you’re having significant electrical problems or just want to replace your home’s outlets. Call us now to set up an appointment with one of our skilled electricians!

electrical inspections and rewiring services in pekin illinois

Electrical Inspection

Electrical inspections are more than simply looking for wiring and efficiency problems; they are also a preventive strategy to safeguard your home and family’s safety. During an inspection, our D&D Electric, LLC electricians look for a variety of issues such as defective wiring, damaged outlets, power outages, and the general efficiency of your electrical system. Our staff has been assessing commercial and residential homes for over two decades to ensure they are getting the electricity they need to function smoothly. Call our Pekin, IL-qualified electricians now to set up an appointment for our electrical inspection services.

Electrical Rewiring

If you own an older property, the electrical wiring may no longer be up to code or strong enough to power your current electronics. If you notice that your appliances are using excessive amounts of energy or that you are having minor power outages while many devices are in use, contact our skilled electricians at D&D Electric, LLC. We have over 22 years of expertise rewiring homes and businesses for clients in Pekin, IL, and the surrounding regions. From extensive rewiring projects to minor outlet rewiring, we service everything from whole electrical panels to lighting fixtures.

electrical rewiring services pekin illinois
electrical upgrades performed by licensed electricians in pekin illinois

Electrical Upgrades

Have you considered adding an electronic device or appliance to your property and wondered whether your electrical system can handle it? An electrical panel is one of the most important systems in your home or business and is the single source of power that goes through every area of your property At D&D Electric, LLC, we provide quality electrical upgrade services for your electrical panel, outlets, light fixtures, and more to improve your home’s power supply.

Our professional electricians in Pekin, IL will assess your property thoroughly to establish how much electricity your home needs to support all of your appliances properly. Electrical panel upgrades and sub-panel installation services may help you avoid power interruptions and minimize your monthly energy cost. Today is the day to upgrade your home’s electrical system, so give us a call at (217) 502-0083.

Electrical Repairs

The last thing you want to do when it comes to your home’s electrical system is assume that everything is in working order. One problem with your wiring or electrical panel might put you and your family in dangerous situations. D&D Electric, LLC in Pekin, IL is here to provide excellent and inexpensive electrical repair services 24/7 when you need us most. But how can you tell if your electrical system is failing? Flickering lights and quickly depleting light bulbs, as well as sparks or burning odors emanating from your outlets, are all symptoms that your electrical system needs to be fixed by qualified electricians.

In 2019, faulty electrical distribution caused more than half of all residential fires (NFPA). Call our electricians today to get your electrical system fixed so that your property and loved ones are not at risk.

electrical repair services pekin illinois
outlet installation services near pekin illinois

Outlet Installation

D&D Electric, LLC offers dependable outlet installation services in Pekin, IL, whether you’re constructing a house and need outlets installed, or you’re wanting to replace and improve your current outlets. Electrical outlets are, believe it or not, one of the most significant features of your home as they allow for a quick flow of energy to all of your electronic devices and appliances. To make sure your outlets have the wattage and efficiency necessary to meet your needs and lifestyle, we install conventional 120-volt and 240-volt outlets for residential and commercial buildings – simply give us a call to find out which outlets are suitable for you.

Depending on the appliances you have on your property, our skilled electricians install three-prong outlets, polarized receptacle outlets, or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets. Call our store for more information on our outlet installation services and get a free estimate that fits your budget!

Lighting Installation

Is your home feeling dull due to the lack of lighting? Are you wanting to enhance the appearance and feel of your home? Lighting, believe it or not, has a huge impact on how effectively you perform your daily duties. D&D Electric, LLC provides lighting installation services for new and existing properties wishing to brighten their rooms and living areas. Our professional electricians collaborate with you to design the best interior lighting layout that not only enhances the aesthetics of your home or office but also improves energy efficiency, lowering your monthly utility bill.

To provide you with the home lighting you’ve always wanted, we’ll strive to install reliable, up-to-code electrical wiring and outlets in the most convenient locations. For a free quote on our lighting installation services in Pekin, IL, give us a call today.

professional lighting installation pekin illinois
smoke and carbon monoxide detector installation services pekin il

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Every home or business owner is concerned about the safety of their property, and devices such as carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors play an important role in assuring that safety. Our electricians at D&D Electric, LLC. specialize in installing both smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to keep your home safe from potential disasters.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors – These gaseous detecting devices are necessary for every home or business as they identify deadly gases before it’s too late. Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas that may enter your house via a gas stove, water heater, furnace, chimney, or even car exhaust (if a garage is connected to your home). Because this gas has no color, taste, or odor, it is very hazardous to have in your house without a detection device nearby. Our carbon monoxide detectors, thankfully, make this peril avoided.

Smoke Detectors – Most properties, depending on the size, are required to have several smoke detectors on their premises to guarantee that a fire is detected in time to avoid irreversible damage. D&D Electric, LLC. is here to help you avoid losing your home or business to fire by installing high-quality smoke detectors that don’t need to be changed for years to come.

Homeowners with questions or concerns regarding their smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors should call D&D Electric today for your repair and installation needs.