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Tired of keeping track of how many lights are turned on to avoid a power outage? Is there a handful of lights in your home that constantly flicker or dim? This might imply that one of our Pontiac, IL electricians is required to repair or replace your electrical system. D&D Electric, LLC complies with all local and state electrical safety rules established by the National Electrical Code and the U.S. National Fire Protection Association.

As a homeowner, you should avoid the following code violations:



•GFCI receptacles are required

•Receptacle must be within 3 feet of sink


•Countertop receptacles must be GFCI

•No receptacles more than 20 inches above countertops
General Rooms

General Rooms

•Wall receptacles every 12 feet

•Hallways 10 feet+ must have at least one receptacle

Licensed Electricians

D&D Electric, LLC is a family-run electrical company with over 22 years of expertise in a wide range of electrical repair and installation services. We take pride in providing our clients in Pontiac, IL, and nearby regions with great customer service, reasonable pricing, rapid response times, and 24-hour emergency services. Our expert electricians are here to assist you every step of the way, whether you are suffering serious electrical issues in specific areas of your home or just want to repair broken outlets. Call now to set up an appointment with one of our highly skilled electricians!

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Electrical Inspection

Electrical inspections are more than just a check-up for your electrical system, they also contribute to the safety of your home and family by identifying and conducting preventive maintenance on your wiring. Our D&D Electric, LLC electricians will inspect your home’s wiring system for defective or damaged outlets, as well as evaluate the efficacy of your power supply and appliances. Our crew has been inspecting commercial and residential buildings for more than two decades to guarantee they are getting the electricity they need to function correctly. To arrange an appointment for our electrical inspection services in Pontiac, IL, call our electricians today.

Electrical Rewiring

Do you reside in a home that is over 40 years old? Unfortunately, the electrical wiring may not be up to date or strong enough to power new equipment properly. Give our skilled electricians at D&D Electric, LLC a call if you see your appliances running slowly or if you are having minor power outages while many devices are in use. We’ve been rewiring homes and businesses in Pontiac, Illinois, and the surrounding regions for over 22 years. Call us as soon as possible if you need any rewiring services, from whole electrical panels to lighting fittings.

electrical rewiring and inspections pontiac il
electrical upgrades and inspections in pontiac illinois

Electrical Upgrades

Have you chosen to add an electronic device or appliance to your house but are unsure if your electrical system can sustain it? The electrical panel, which provides a single source of power to all outlets in your home or business structure, is one of the most important systems on your property. D&D Electric, LLC provides skilled electrical upgrade services for your electrical panel, outlets, light fixtures, and other components to boost the power supply to your house.

Our Pontiac, IL electricians will thoroughly inspect your property to estimate how much electricity your home needs to sustain all of your appliances. Electrical panel upgrades and sub-panel installation services may help you prevent power interruptions and reduce your monthly energy costs. If you wish to enhance your home’s electrical system, give us a call at (217) 502-0083.

Electrical Repairs

The last thing you want to do with your home’s electrical system is to assume it’s in good condition without knowing for certain. If your electrical panel or wiring breaks, you and your family might be at risk until the issue is restored by a professional. Every day of the week, 24 hours a day, D&D Electric, LLC in Pontiac, IL provides professional electrical repair services at an inexpensive price. But how can you know if your electrical system is failing? Flickering lights and rapidly depleting light bulbs, as well as sparks or burning odors emanating from your outlets, are all indications that your electrical system needs attention from our specialists.

In 2019, poor electrical distribution was responsible for more than half of all dwelling fires (NFPA). Please contact our electricians as soon as possible to ensure the safety of your home and loved ones.

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outlet installation services by a licensed electrician pontiac illinois

Outlet Installation

D&D Electric, LLC offers dependable outlet installation services for residential and commercial clients in Pontiac, IL, whether you’re constructing a new house or replacing all of your current outlets. Did you know that electrical outlets are one of the most significant parts of your home because they provide a constant supply of energy to your electronic appliances? We install standard 120-volt and 240-volt outlets in residential and commercial buildings to guarantee your outlets have the power and efficiency needed to meet your expectations and lifestyle – just contact us to find out which outlets are right for you.

Our professional electricians will install three-prong outlets, polarized receptacle outlets, or ground fault circuit interrupter outlets depending on the equipment in your home. Call us now for a free estimate and to book our outlet installation services!

Lighting Installation

Are you fed up with the lack of illumination in your house? Do you want to improve the appearance of your living areas as well? Believe it or not, adequate lighting in the house has a big impact on how effectively you do your daily duties. D&D Electric, LLC provides lighting installation services for new and existing properties looking to enhance their most often used areas. Our professional electricians collaborate with you to design the greatest interior lighting plan possible, which not only enhances the aesthetic of your house or business but also promotes energy efficiency, lowering your monthly power bill.

To provide you with the greatest possible home illumination, we will work hard to install reliable, code-compliant electrical wiring and outlets in the most convenient locations. Call us right now for a free lighting installation estimate in Pontiac, IL.

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carbon monoxide and smoke detector installation in pontiac illinois

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Every homeowner and business owner is concerned about the safety of their property, and devices such as carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors are excellent for averting unanticipated disasters. D&D Electric, LLC electricians are professionals in installing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to keep your home and family safe; continue reading to learn more about the advantages!

Carbon Monoxide Detectors – These devices are necessary for all properties because they identify harmful gases that would be impossible to detect without the appropriate technology. Carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas that may enter your house through a gas stove, water heater, furnace, chimney, or even car exhaust. Because this gas has no color, flavor, or odor, having it in your house without monitoring equipment nearby is very hazardous. Fortunately, our carbon monoxide detectors keep this danger away.

Smoke Detectors – Most homes, regardless of size, need many smoke detectors to detect a fire in time to avert catastrophic damage. D&D Electric, LLC can assist you in preventing the loss of your house or business due to fire by installing high-quality smoke detectors that will not need to be changed for years.

Homeowners with questions or concerns regarding their smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors should call D&D Electric today for your repair and installation needs.