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Whole Home Backup Generator Installation Near Danville Illinois

Whether it’s a home or commercial building, don’t sit in the dark the next time a violent storm provides your local area with a blackout. Instead, call your friends at D&D Electric, where we specialize in the supply of backup power systems. We understand the importance of having a fully functioning backup generator to help keep you connected and safe when the power goes out.

At D&D Electric, we provide generator installations as well as routine maintenance to ensure your generators performance is up to standard. To prevent any issues with your manufacturer’s warranty, it is best if your new generator is installed by a licensed electrician. Otherwise, your warranty may not be valid.

When it comes to installing a brand new generator or backup generator, our services include:

D&D Electric is a locally owned and family operated company serving the Danville, Illinois community that prides itself on customer satisfaction. We are an authorized dealer of Generac generators and want to bring you peace of mind (and power) to your home when all else fails. We specialize in installation, maintenance, and repair of your commercial standby generators or emergency backup generators. With years of experience in residential and commercial settings, we aren’t just experts with installing and repairing generators, but also abide by the techniques and codes that govern the overall safe and satisfactory installations and maintenance that you deserve.

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Residential Generators

You never want to make the mistake of thinking that an emergency backup generator for your residential home isn’t ideal. The Midwest is notorious for severe storms and bad weather: snow storms, tornadoes, hail, and extreme temperatures can all play a role in hindering your utility services. It isn’t uncommon for homes to lose power for days or even weeks after a storm rolls through. When a power outage strikes, your home is facing larger issues than your inability to play Xbox. You could be facing potential problems with your sump pump, loss of food and goods stored in your refrigerator and freezer, and even unsafe living conditions such as extreme temperature fluctuations. That is why D&D Electric provides our community with professionally installed standby whole home generators to help keep them safe and provide a convenience in the most inconvenient of times.

Every homeowner can benefit from the installation of a backup generator. Whether you rely on medical equipment powered by electricity, work at home and need electricity, or simply want to enjoy the convenience of electricity during a storm, there are numerous benefits of having a residential backup generator.

Don’t wait until it is too late for your standby backup generator! Call us today for a quote about your residential generator solutions!

Benefits of A Whole Home Backup Generator in Danville Illinois

Unpredictable weather patterns in Danville, Illinois, and throughout central Illinois are something that Midwesterners have to face all year round. Whether it is heavy rains in the spring months or feet of snow in the winter, these weather conditions eventually take a toll on our electrical systems and how well they can function in these environments. While residents take precautions by upgrading their sump pumps and furnaces to avoid potential issues from these elements, many still do not prepare for power outages. Losing power is a staple of the summer and generally lasts hours or days depending on the seriousness of the issue.

At D&D Electric, we know that you and your family have busy lives and that losing power for an extended amount of time is just not an option. That’s why we offer affordable and quality whole backup generators from the top brand in the industry, Generac. Keep your HVAC systems, kitchen appliances, and electronics running without having to worry about severe weather conditions. Call our shop today for a free quote and consultation regarding our backup generator installation services!

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A few additional benefits to owning a home backup generator includes:

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Commercial Generators

At D&D Electric, we provide our customers with professional and expert installations for their standby commercial generator needs to ensure safety and functionality throughout a power outage. Your commercial property losing power costs more than just your light visibility. Your restaurant’s food could spoil; electricity going out in an office can result in work production and profits to decrease. Additionally, it can create an unsafe working environment, which doesn’t bode well for anybody. And if you have a security system for your commercial property and the electricity is out means your business is at risk. The only way these costly situations can be prevented is if you have a commercial standby backup generator. A standby generator is an automatic backup system for your business in the off chance that you lose power. We install it outside the building and wire it into your building’s electrical grid.

Some of the benefits of owning a commercial backup generator:

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Generac Generators Danville Illinois

When it comes to installing your residential or commercial backup generators, we are a proud supplier of Generac generators, one of the first companies responsible for supplying affordable home standby generators. Generac is glad to offer several different lines of generators including: the Guardian, Core Power, EcoGen, and the Quiet Source Series. Each equipped with a OHVI® Engine, a Quiet Test Mode, environmentally friendly components, and aluminum housings. As the premier brand of commercial and residential generators, A Generac standby generator paired with the D&D Electric expertise installation service, is an investment that guarantees your home and business are both safe and operable in hazardous weather conditions.

Some essential Generac generator features include:

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Don’t make the mistake of waiting until it is too late for your backup generator needs. If you have equipment that is heavily dependent on electricity, start thinking about the investment benefits of a backup generator. Call D&D Electric today to speak with our experts about the best option for you!