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Commercial and Residential Generator Installation Services in Troy Illinois

Instead of sitting in the dark at home or in your commercial property, take a proactive approach, and call D&D Electric to install commercial or residential generators for your convenience. We specialize in providing backup power systems for your home or business entity. It is important to understand the importance of having a fully functioning backup generator to help keep you comfortable and safe during severe weather conditions.

At D&D Electric, we specialize in commercial and residential generator installations, as well as provide routine maintenance and repairs to assure that your backup power system is performing to its full capability. We advise having a licensed electrician installing your generator because some warranties aren’t valid if otherwise.

When it comes to installing a brand new generator or backup generator, our services include:

We are a locally owned and family operated electrician company servicing the area of Troy, Illinois to the best of our abilities. Let us bring safety and comfort to your home during bad weather conditions with our top of the line Generac brand generators! With years of experience, specializing in installation, maintenance, and repair of your commercial and residential generators, our techniques and strict adherence to local and state guidelines ensure an overall safe and satisfactory job.
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Residential Generators

A residential generator for emergency use is critical when living in the Midwest. The severe hail and lightning storms often cause huge electrical problems for residential homeowners, including occasional power outages and blackouts. Living in storm country, it isn’t uncommon for you to lose your power for days or even weeks, possibly. Take a proactive approach and avoid common issues that correlate with power outages, such as sump pump issues, loss of frozen foods and unsafe living conditions by having a backup residential generator installed. At D&D Electric, we provide our community with professionally installed generators to help keep them comfortable and safe during the mightiest of storms. Every homeowner can benefit from a backup generator, whether it be for the enjoyment of playing video games during a blackout, or more serious concerns like powering medical equipment dependent on electricity. 

Don’t wait until it is too late for your standby backup generator! Call us today for a quote about your residential generator solutions!

Benefits of A Whole Home Backup Generator in Troy Illinois

You may be wondering how a whole home backup generator can benefit you in the event of a power outage. While it is common for rain or snowstorms to shut off your electric, only for it to come back on a few minutes later, oftentimes residents in Troy, Illinois are left without power for hours or even days due to harsh weather conditions. At D&D Electric, we believe that taking every precaution and preparing for the unexpected is essential to keeping your house running efficiently. That’s why we offer top of the line, name brand generators from Generac! Never worry about a power outage again, our Generac generators kick on immediately if your main generator goes out during a storm.

Your home’s electrical systems can wear and become unstable over time if you experience frequent power outages throughout the year, costing you potentially thousands of dollars in repairs and rewiring services. Investing in a whole home backup system not only keeps your home safe and running as it should, but it gives you total peace of mind while at home or away. For more information on our installation services, call our shop today to speak with one of our electrical contractors!

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A few additional benefits to owning a home backup generator includes:

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Commercial Generators

When a storm strikes Troy, Illinois and the power goes out – for employees, it may seem like a relief, however, as a business owner it can take a whole different meaning. Power outages can lead to decreases in productivity rates and profits, which aren’t ideal. What is ideal is a state-of-the-art emergency backup commercial generator to ensure your business’s safety and functionality during a storm. The last thing you want as the owner of a restaurant is to lose all cold/frozen food supply because you didn’t deem a backup generator as cost-effective. Believe us, it is! Blackouts can cause much more damage than you would think. That’s why it pays to be proactive. We install your commercial backup generator outside of your building, similar to a central air conditioning unit, and it automatically starts up when your main generator loses power.

Some of the benefits of owning a commercial backup generator:

Don’t wait until it is too late for your standby backup generator! Call us today for a quote about your commercial generator solutions!

Generac Generators Troy Illinois

At D&D Electric, we are a proud supplier of Generac generators. One of the pioneers for supplying affordable residential generators, and a well-respected brand within the industry. We offer different lines of Generac generators: the Guardian, Core Power, EcoGen, and the Quiet Source series. Each outfitted with an OHVI® Engine, a Quiet Test Mode, environmentally friendly components, and aluminum housings. As the leading brand of commercial and residential generators, A Generac standby generator paired with our expert installation service is an investment that guarantees your home and business are both safe and operable in hazardous weather conditions. Some fundamental Generac generator features include:

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Don’t make the mistake of waiting until it is too late for your backup generator needs. If you have equipment that is heavily dependent on electricity, start thinking about the investment benefits of a backup generator. Call D&D Electric today to speak with our experts about the best option for you!