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Whole Home Backup Standby Generators Springfield Illinois

D&D Electric is here to provide you with your standby generator installations that way the next time a power outage strikes your block – you may not even notice. We specialize in the installation of backup generators, and if you live in the Midwest, you may want to consider having one for your property. We understand the importance of being able to have a home or business fully functioning, and a standby generator assures that. If you are in the Springfield, Illinois area, let us help keep you connected and safe the next time a storm hits.

We provide routine maintenance and complete installation services for your standby generator. Our expertise and training ensure that your installation is done the proper way, resulting in the ultimate performance and increased lifespan of your generator. At D&D Electric, we urge our community to have your generator installations done by a certified electrician. Some warranties may not be covered if otherwise.

When it comes to installing a brand new generator or backup generator, our services include:

D&D Electric is a locally owned and family operated business dedicated to serving the community of Springfield, Illinois with quality service at an honest price. With our experience and installation technique, paired with top generator brand, Generac, we guarantee customer satisfaction.

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Residential Generators

Don’t assume that a residential standby generator is a waste of money, especially living in the Midwest, an area notorious for its violent storms. Snowstorms, tornadoes, and hail are all factors that can contribute to power outages and blackouts. And the Midwest has all three. To ensure that your home is able to supply proper electricity and power to its systems during a power outage, D&D Electric can install a state-of-the-art residential standby generator, guaranteeing to supply all of your electrical needs during the storm.

Every homeowner can benefit from having an emergency standby generator, waiting to flick on once your main generator fails. We understand the importance of comfort and safety during these times, which is why we pride ourselves on providing our community with quality service at an affordable rate.

Whether you rely on power for your medical equipment or to watch the playoffs, we provide you with professionally installed generators, ensuring a safe process and high-performance rate.

Don’t wait until it is too late for your standby backup generator! Call us today for a quote about your residential generator solutions!

Benefits of A Whole Home Backup Generator in Springfield Illinois

There is nothing worse than trying to have a relaxing day at home to find that your power is out due to an intense storm or fallen tree. While there are many reasons for a power outage, weather-related issues are by far the most common. With ever-changing weather patterns in Springfield, Illinois, homeowners are used to relying on their electric companies to restore their home’s power as soon as possible. However, what if we told you that you’ll never have to rely on a repair crew again? At D&D Electric, we offer reasonably priced Generac generators and installation services to those in central Illinois!

If you have never considered having a backup generator installed, now’s the time! Our experienced and certified electricians offer services on both residential and commercial properties. Don’t wait until it’s too late, call D&D Electric and we will give you a free quote on our installation services in Springfield, Illinois.

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A few additional benefits to owning a home backup generator includes:

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Commercial Generators

D&D Electric is proud to provide our customers with expert and efficient generator installations to help ensure full functionality when a blackout hits. Your commercial property losing power could result in a loss in food supply for your restaurant, a decrease in profits for your office, or even a security risk for your systems. Either way, not having a commercial standby generator during a power outage doesn’t end well for your business.

That is why we encourage you to let us install a commercial standby generator, to guarantee that when disaster strikes, your business can respond well. Take a proactive solution and call us today to schedule an appointment for your generator installation!

Some of the benefits of owning a commercial backup generator:

Don’t wait until it is too late for your standby backup generator! Call us today for a quote about your commercial generator solutions!

Generac Generators Springfield Illinois

As Generac generator suppliers, we are pleased to offer numerous different lines of generators including: the Guardian, Core Power, EcoGen, and the Quiet Source Series. Each equipped with an OHVI® Engine, a Quiet Test Mode, environmentally friendly components, and aluminum housings. Some fundamental Generac generator features include:
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Don’t make the mistake of waiting until it is too late for your backup generator needs. If you have equipment that is heavily dependent on electricity, start thinking about the investment benefits of a backup generator. Call D&D Electric today to speak with our experts about the best option for you!